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Dr. Michael Cleary

CEO and Chief Audiologist.  Dr. Cleary is the original founder and head Audiologist here at Restoration Hearing. He first discovered his passion for Audiology at a young age due to being born with Hearing Loss.  His experience living with Hearing Loss and being a Hearing Aid user allows him to truly understand what his patients are experiencing.  Whenever he recommends a specific hearing aid, his recommendation comes from first hand experience.  This is one thing that separates us from other Audiologists country wide.

Dr. Cleary is originally from Syracuse, New York and spent time finishing his education in New York, Arizona, and Indiana.  He moved to Tennessee upon completion of his Doctoral work in Indiana and bought a massive fixer upper in 2020 during a pandemic.  Dr. Cleary has family that reside in Albany, NY, Knoxville, TN, and Fort Myers, FL.

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