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will insurance cover your hearing aid purchase?

Insurance can be confusing! We wrote a blog to help you, but we’d be glad to help you understand your insurance coverage over the phone. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some Insurances provide a no-risk trial period, which means you will receive a full 100% refund.

In other situations where Insurance is not involved it is Industry standard to receive a full refund less $150-250. That fee typically covers, an exam, Hearing Aid Fitting, Shipping and Handling, and Staff related expenses.

There is truthfully nothing you need to do to prepare for a Home Visit.  We are the most understanding and non-judgemental individuals when it comes to cleanliness and order.  The only thing we ask for is a way to create a quiet environment for Test Day.  You will wear Over-the-Ear ear muffs that reduce sound loudness, but, to be safe, we ask all Televisions, radios, and children to be turned off (haha).  We will also monitor noise from AC and Heating units.

We sure can.  It depends on where you got them, how old they are, and what you’re in need of. 

Simple repair/check/adjustments can be done for $55 and reprogramming inherited or gifted hearing aids can be done for $250.

Here’s a direct link.  We also keep a link at the bottom of every page.  You can also see the videos on our home page.