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Why remove earwax?

1. Earwax is known to reduce hearing and increase Tinnitus.

2. Excess ear wax blocks sound from devices like hearing aids and in-ears.

How is earwax removed?

1. Manual Removal
2. Suction Removal
3. Water Removal

Who needs earwax removed?

Excess earwax production is common among both the younger population (less than 8 years) and the elderly (65 years and up). 

Some musicians with in-ears may also need routine ear cleaning to prevent earwax from affecting performances.  Most musicians come in for ear wax removal on an as needed basis.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is all earwax bad?

Not all earwax is bad. Earwax actually has natural antibodies in it that fight off outer ear infections. It helps to regulate the pH levels of your ear canal and can keep foreign objects from touching your ear drum, possibly rupturing it. Foreign objects can be anything from insects, to beads, to straw, or anything else that your toddler may randomly insert into their ear.

Does getting earwax removed hurt?

Most earwax removal does not hurt. However, depending on how much ear wax you have removal may cause some slight irritation, bleeding, and discomfort. If bleeding occurs, it usually heals within a few hours unless you have diabetes or high blood pressure. If you have diabetes or high blood pressure please inform your audiologist.

Is it possible to have too much earwax in your ear where it cannot be removed in one appointment?

Yes. We often prescribe an over-the-counter wax softening agent called Debrox. This wax softener agent is used for about a week before we attempt to remove the wax again.

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